How It Works
The Amulyte Pendant contains an easy to use help button that works anywhere. It instantly connects you to your family members and caregivers and lets them know your location, if you need help. You can talk to them directly through the pendant, which contains a speaker and microphone. The pendant also tracks your activity, ensuring you are staying healthy and active.

The Amulyte Portal connects you with your family members and caregivers. It contains important information such as the battery life, location, activity level and emergency contacts. Family members can control the frequence of updates they receive, set alert preferences and specify who gets them, as well as change the privacy settings, The portal can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.
Wear the Pendant
Whether at home or out for a walk, the pendant works anywhere.
Press the Button
If you ever need help simply press the button.
Get Help
Caregivers will be notified, allowing them to provide assistance.
Stay Connected
Family members can stay connected with the Amulyte Portal.
Amulyte Portal
The Amulyte Portal allows you to stay informed and up to date on your loved one.
Monitor Activity
The Pendant is able to measure activity level and the portal displays this informaion so you can ensure your loved one is staying healthy and active.
Find Location
Real-time location detection gives you peace of mind, knowing you can easily find your loved one in case of an emergency.
Check Device
Check the battery life and settings of the device to make sure everything is working.
Emergency Contacts
In the Amulyte Portal you can add your emergency contacts. These people become the first line of defense in case help is needed. You can set specific preferences on how each person is notified - phone call, SMS or email. The Amulyte System provides vital protection 24/7 in the event of any health emergency, including heart attacks, stroke and falls.
Amulyte Pendant
The Amulyte Pendant can be worn anywhere and gives you access to help anytime you might need it.