Amulyte in MoondustPearl
Get Amulyte
Amulyte is available in your choice of Pearl or Moondust. Pendant and Charger included.
Price: $149
There is a $29/month basic service fee. This includes:
  • Nationwide Cell Coverage
  • Locate via App & Computer
  • Unlimited SMS & Email Alerts
  • Low Battery Alert
How much does the device cost?
The device is regularly $149, but only $99 when you pre-order. There is a $29/month basic service fee that you will be billed monthly.
Is there a set-up fee?
No, there is no set-up or activation fee.
Is there a contract?
No, there is no contract. You can cancel Amulyte at anytime at no additional charge.
What is the monthly fee?
The monthly service fee is $29/month. This ensures the device is connected to a mobile network, and provides access to the web portal.
When is Amulyte shipping?
If you pre-order the device now, it will ship early 2014.
Can I buy an additional pendant?
Absoluetly, just contact one of our sales people and they will be happy to help you out! You can reach them at 888-663-6503 oro by emailing
When will my credit card be charged?
You won't be charged until your device is shipped in early 2014.
What is the shipping charge?
Shipping is $10 within the US and $15 within Canada.
Does Amulyte work where I live?
Amulyte will work anywhere within the US and Canada with cell coverage. We are working to set-up the system to work internationally as well. Contact us to find out when Amulyte will be available in your country:
How is Amulyte different from other solutions?
Other systems require a base station with a pendant that only works within a certain range, limiting seniors to the confines of their home. Amulyte is built so that all the technology is contained within a single device, allowing it to work anywhere. It also has an integrated web portal that allows family members and caregivers to stay connected and up to date. The portal displays information about the device, such as battery level and allows you to customize who the emergency contacts are.
Will Amulyte work outside?
Yes, Amulyte is designed to work anywhere, both inside and outside of the home, as long as there is cell coverage.
How does Amulyte work?
Simply wear the pendant, and if you need help press hte button. Emergency contacts are automatically alerted. The Amulyte Pendant contains technology which connects to mobile networks, allowing it to work anywhere. It also uses GPS and a variety of indoor positioning technologies to detect location in the event of an emergency.
Do I need a mobile phone?
No, you do not need a mobile phone with the Amulyte System. The Amulyte device contains its own technology, allowing it to work anywhere - no base stations or mobile phones required.
How do I setup the system?
Your primary caregiver will create a profile in the Amulyte Portal. They will link the pendant to their account by entering in the device ID number. Once the device is connected to the caregiver’s account, the system will be automatically activated.
Do I need to recharge the pendant?
Yes, the Amulyte Pendant needs to be recharged. The device comes with a charger. The battery lasts an average of one week and can be recharged overnight. The battery indicator light lets you know when the battery is low. A notification will be sent to your emergency contacts if your device is low on battery so they can help make sure your device is always charged.
How will someone know where I am if I need help?
The Amulyte Pendant contains a variety of location detection technologies to notify your emergency contacts of your whereabouts if you need help. It connects to GPS, WiFi and wireless towers to calculate an accurate location, whether you are inside or outside.
How do I know if the device is working?
The Amulyte System will automatically detect if the device is not working and notify your emergency contacts with an alert. Caregivers and family members can also log into the portal at any time to verify that everything is working properly.